Time is our most precious resource. Learning how to use the time we have most effectively will allow us to make the most of our opportunities for success in business and life.

Below are a few strategies for increasing the productivity in your everyday life.

  1. Develop a morning routine. The most successful people in the world have morning routines. These routines help to make them their most productive selves. Starting the day with a routine that sets the tone – mind, body, and spirit – for the rest of the day is a great way to ensure you get the most out of your day. Start the day with a healthy breakfast, a little meditation, and exercise, or anything else that will get you in optimal shape for the rest of the day.
  1. Prioritize your priorities. If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. If you have 10 priorities, you have no priorities at all. Each night, create a list of your three top priorities for the next day. Put all your energy into completing those three tasks for the day. Start the day with a plan and avoid wasting time each morning by creating your list the night before. It helps to know what your day looks like from the moment you wake up.
  1. Learn how you waste time. Even if you’re already an efficient time manager, you probably still waste a lot of unnecessary time during the day. Determining how you waste time at work and at home is the first step to eliminating your productivity gaps. Take time and notice what you do when you’re bored, tired or stressed and then use that information and design a plan to make your day more efficient. Using your time effectively is a key component of becoming more productive. 
  1. Take breaks regularly. You might be able to work hard from 8 am to noon, but you’ll have nothing left in the afternoon. Studies show that taking a 10-minute break each hour greatly increases productivity over a full day.
  • Give yourself an even longer break every few hours. You’ll stay fresh and find your ability to focus is less-compromised later in the day.

Get more done with the time you have available. Evaluate how you’re using your time – both productively and unproductively. Find your weak spots and develop a strategy to improve your behaviors and your approach. The key to productivity is using your time as wisely and efficiently as possible.