Style is inherent in our everyday lives. What we wear – the way we carry ourselves. These things all speak volumes, especially in the workplace.

Having a strong and confident sense of style at work is not however reserved for individuals who work in the fashion or media industry. It is, in fact, important no matter what the profession.

We spoke with Paulina Lopez from The Business of WE about the importance of style in the workplace, with a key emphasis on women for our Women, Work and Style feature.

Paulina is New York-based best-selling author, international speaker, business coach, consultant, strategist and entrepreneurship development. She is a co-founder of The Business of WE (Women Entrepreneurs) and the WE Thrive community, committed to professional and personal growth empowering women to unlock their fullest potential. She’s a contributing author in “Today’s Inspired Latina” and a collaborating author in the best-selling book “Journey to the Stage.” She is founding NYC chapter leader for Women’s Prosperity Network.

Her passion is to support women on their entrepreneurial journey to up-level their business, make the money they deserve, and enjoy their work!  She is considered among her peers as a master connector and understands the importance of strengthening your self-confidence to make that powerful first impression and connection.

1. How important is style to you Paulina?

Very important… Style to me is about self-confidence! As a business coach, consultant and strategist, I’m passionate about entrepreneurs being confident in their business – leadership and success today is about who you are being and how are you showing up!


2. Do you think women in the business world think enough about their appearance?

Not always… The image you put forth needs to personify YOU – and everything about you – your message, your mission… your business – it all needs to be in alignment with how you look and your personal style.


3. What are the main issues women come across when thinking about their personal style in the business environment?

The main issues women come across is knowing how to incorporate their personality into their personal brand while establishing credibility and experiencing success… When in doubt – dress for success!


4. Do you think it’s more difficult for women than men when dressing within the corporate environment?

Luckily, these days it’s easier for women to show their personal brand and style in the workplace, as there is no longer any dominant office dress code (at least here in the US). The women suit is really considered the “man’s uniform”, therefore tougher to present your true authentic self.


5. Do you think enough women invest in themselves on the whole?

Like any other women, I appreciate beauty and style, but the best investment you make is in your personal and professional growth… it starts with you and starts from within.


6. Do you think women see their appearance as an extension/reflection of them or their business?

They should… As you begin experiencing growth and success, you will begin to cultivate and project your inner-confidence outward, it will show in everything you do – others will immediately recognize this… This is where it all comes together!


Style should be about what makes you feel uniquely and authentically you! In business, I always recommend you incorporate your own style while mixing classic pieces with trends.

Thank you to Paulina for featuring in our Women, Work and Style feature.

If your work wardrobe is not reflecting the real you, why not talk to one of our stylists who can help you develop a style that reflects you as an individual and woman in business. Contact us here.