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I came across this video and thought it was absolutely brilliant and fits right into what I call LEVEL 5 parenting!!



Cameron Herold takes the Ted Talk stage to share what it means to raise our children with an entrepreneurial mindset, much like the way a level 5 parent would operate.  This is an inspiring message of how to cultivate the conditions in our homes in ways that shift our children to be problem solvers.  Cameron’s perspective advocates how an entrepreneurial mind is “groomed” and by raising our children from this mindset, “we can fix the many things in the world that are a problem today.” As he says, entrepreneurs are those who have “ideas, passions, see needs in the world and then go stand up and do it – putting everything on the line to make it happen.”  Imagine our kids living so boldly, full of confidence, passion and certitude? Living in leadership and not as a passenger?


From my 7 Levels of Mindful & Conscious Parenting download, Level 5 parenting is on the higher rings of mindfulness and consciousness. This means that a parent with a high level 5 profile is able to enter and manage situations with calm, confidence, peace and from a bird’s eye view. They are able to genuinely see everything as an opportunity and a possibility. Parents with a lot of Level 5 will resemble the qualities found in great leaders & entrepreneurs from all walks of life. These parents are great at taking challenges and turning them around – always finding the “solution.”How would things in your home be different if you showed up with more of this?

I strongly encourage you to watch the video and tell me what you think! Do you like it as much as I do? What catches your attention?

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