Join Us at the Annual DIVINE FEMININE Conference


Thursday, January 20 | 6:00pm to 9:00pm | Zoom Conference


The Power of the Divine Feminine in Business



As highly ambitious, passion-driven Entrepreneruerial Women, we have a big vision, and we are called to DO more and BE more… There’s power in collective energy and mutual encouragement.  Let’s “Show-Up” and “Step Up” as the powerful Divine Feminine Leaders that WE are!

Join us this time of renewal, in early 2022, for a high-level yet grounded conversation for busy businesswomen and entrepreneurs, to raise the level of collective consciousness as we lead in greatness and enhance more lives.  Let’s come together  in sisterhood and community!

A POWERFUL OPPORTUNITY to elevate our vibration, transform our businesses, reconnect with our creativity, and celebrate the Feminine aspect of ourselves.  A sacred space for greater clarity, removing the ego, going deeper, and connecting with the higher self — DIVINE FEMININE!

Elevate Yourself and Your Business!  SECURE YOUR PARTICIPATION TODAY! 


“Awaken and Activate the Power of the Divine Feminine in Business!”

The missing piece to running a successful sustainable business is the ENERGY behind it! The Business of WE believes in the positive impact Women in Business and Entrepreneurs Have During This Time of Global and Evolutionary Changes. Let’s STEP-UP and SHOW-UP With a Collaborative Spirit of Leadership!

Join us in this Divine Time and EXPERIENCE:

  • Implement inspired action and Divine intentions in your daily practices and life now
  • Embrace your vulnerability and lead with grace ease and flow for effortless success
  • Communicate your values, use your voice for strength yet with compassion and empathy
  • Understand the power of reciprocity – attracting, manifesting and receiving with faith and confidence
  • Recognize who are you being, how you’re Showing up – Your Energy, Your Vibe
  • Create authentic connections starting with the relationship you have with Yourself
  • Express your Oneness, the truest version of yourself to connect to All (see yourself in everyone)

Women thrive in expansive intentions with the right support, love, and community!

We Look Forward to Celebrating With You There!

(For integrity and capacity, please register before the virtual door closes 2 hours prior to the event)

*Each Attendee Will Receive a Post-Event BONUS Journal Workbook to Implement Speaker’s Topic Tips of Expansion & Intentions!


Invest in You, YOU DESERVE IT!   INVESTMENT:  General Admission at $47.00 (Early-Bird at $37 through December 31st)




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