Everyday We Lose This and Can Never Get It Back… It’s Free, yet Priceless!


What are we talking about here?… No, it’s not money, it’s TIME!   It’s interesting how we spent time (more than money) on the wrong things… Maybe because it’s free, we don’t value it as much.  Yes, many of the things we invest money on don’t necessarily add value to our lives, but we can ALWAYS make more money.   The value of the money is easy to quantify, while TIME, which is priceless, once spent can never get back.  

Remember, tomorrow’s success  is created in the NOW!  How we choose to create in the present moment, determines our outcomes .  As we approach the second quarter of 2021 and reflect on the power pause of the past year, how different would life be had we anticipated (and prepared for), a global pandemic and lockdown.  The uncertainty kept us stuck and stagnant, and we can’t play it safe forever.  

Today, it feels good to see how far far we’ve come, to know how strong we are, and the hope for what’s to come.  It’s a perfect opportunity to revive and revamp the intentions of the beginning of the year.   It’s the perfect time to CHOOSE how we will create our future in the now.  Things are looking positive, and we don’t have to rush.  Remember, it’s not the number of things we do, it’s the efficiency of every action that counts.  A very powerful practice to maximize our energy, efforts, and our time!

INVEST YOUR TIME IN YOU FIRST AND FOREMOST… As women, we tend to focus on the needs of others before we focus on ourselves.  Start by renewing the energy and those around you. Ask yourself if the people you spend the most time with inspire and uplift you, or drain you. One of the most effective and valuable ways to transform this area is by surrounding yourself with like-minded professionals with a mindset for success!   

Break out of your comfort zone, get away and recharge by connecting with other business owners and entrepreneurs through community for support and accountability.  This requires us to step outside of our environment, step away from our businesses, and disconnect from the digital distractions that consume our daily lives. It’s important to continuously participate in business events like conferences and retreats.  It’s your opportunity to get inspired, invigorated and elevated to the next level.

MINDSET IS EVERYTHING… When you decide to show up at these types of events, you are rewarded with invaluable tips, insights and opportunities and CONNECTIONS that would not have otherwise been available.  At The Business of WE, we host virtual events on a weekly basis – these are great ways to make initial connections… At our live events, which we host throughout the year locally in NYC and internationally in the Caribbean, the connections and relationship building opportunities are exponential!

Co-creating Together… One of our greatest observation is that the most successful people are the ones who show up at these events regularly.  They understand the importance of consistency, and strategic direction.  They are committed to finding answers and solutions!  Consequently, they are also the group of people whom we engage with the most.  Not the mention, the accountability partnerships that are created, that support us all along the way, shifts our businesses forward with actionable steps!

In-person connections. At events like the annual Wellness Retreat in the spring, and the annual Business Summit in the fall, we reveal everything we know about building a business from a place of confidence and clarity.  We cover the proven strategies and daily practices needed to accelerate your success building efforts.  Not only will you walk away with key contacts, but also you will connect with industry expert speakers.  The unique mastermind setting and wellness getaway experience provide a breakthrough like none other

You’ll be inspired to take action. The right information coupled with a push to implement produces amazing results fast.  Intensive workshops have opportunities for you to act on what you’ve learned.  Those that do… always get great results instantly!   It’s an amazing thing to see people discover purpose, launch a business and gain clients all in one weekend. Many attendees have learned a new technique in the morning, implemented immediately and by evening have generated new revenue!  At the Business of WE , this happens all the time.  What better way to know that you’re getting information that you can use than by testing it out immediately? When you join us, you’ll see for yourself how it all happens.

The Business Summit will result in clarity and certainty.  At the Summit you have the unique opportunity to get your questions answered and discover the answers to what you didn’t know you needed to know, and get to study and implement this information long after the event ended.  When you invest in attending, you cut the learning curve and accelerate your progress. As time passes, you become clear on your objectives and strategy to achieve your goals.  As a result of what we learn during the sessions, 

The Wellness Retreat experience is a vibe adjuster. Many dismiss wellness retreats as something not relevant to their business success, but I live by it!  Your faith and confidence comes from constantly receiving inspiring information.  In this getaway experience you witness women transforming their business problems based on personal challenges, you hear success stories of others who implemented information and got amazing results. Just being able to hear how other entrepreneurs, like yourself, are winning in their business and life will inspire you to succeed.

The connections at our live events are UNMATCHED. This is why we are committed to hosting wellness events and business conferences every year to support you in balancing the energy which is essential in running a sustainable business.   It’s a powerful experience to come together in sisterhood and community, to take quantum leaps in your business and life. One member, through heartfelt tears, shared how she finally began to make money in her business after experiencing a transformation at the Wellness Retreat, and later that year implementing the relevant information she received at the Business Summit. 

Your life and business can be completely enhanced through divine connections.  One conversation with the right person can simply bring clarity and/or completely change the direction of your life.   Attending the right business events allowed me to connect with industry experts, coaches and mentors, where I invested in my growth and took things to the next level.  There are some great online programs and events where you connect and interact with people from around the world.  But attending these types of live experiences is the best way to establish trust and build relationships with people who can support you achieve your goals and catapult you to newer heights.  

You owe it to yourself and to those you are meant to serve, to SHOW UP for them every time.  So invest your TIME wisely. You will be empowered to go bigger than you’ve ever thought possible.  Conferences expand your thinking and open you up to several new opportunities that otherwise may not be available to you. You’ll discover how much larger the world is and how much more is out there for you to take advantage of.  Embrace each moment, celebrate your growth, and truly live a life you love… YOU deserve it!

Much Love & Success~



At The Business of WE community, we host events on a weekly basis, EVERY WEDNESDAY at 7:00pm (est), via Zoom to connect our sisterhood of supportive women.  What we have noticed is that the ones who “Show Up”, are the ones that are actually experiencing results in their business. Consequently, they are also a group of women whom we engage with the most.  To learn more about how you can be a part of this unique group of phenomenal women, check out an upcoming event HERE!


If have any questions and to learn more about being part of the sisterhood, head on over to the Business of WE community page.  


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Paulina Lopez