If you want to be a powerful manifester in your personal and professional life, one of the best things you can do for yourself is get into the habit of creating vision boards.

Why? Because they’re amazing!

Vision boards bridge the gap between the physical world and the world of imagination. They turn dreams and desire into concrete, tangible objects, allowing you to bear witness to manifestation in action.

Have you ever wondered why some people find it so easy to get what they want from life while others seem to struggle? If you have, you’re not alone.

It’s their belief systems!

Belief is the engine that drives manifestation. The stronger your faith the more easily you can create a reality based on that belief. This is true because we try harder for the things we believe are possible. It’s also true because the act of believing unlocks the door to supportive but unseen forces that surround us all the time.

Vision boards help bolster faith by providing clarity. In order to get behind an idea you first have to be clear on the idea. If you want financial security, for example, what does that mean? How much would it take for you to feel financially secure? How will you know when you’ve achieved financial security – what will your life look like then? These are the type of questions you gain clarity on while working on a vision board. Once you’re clear it becomes easier to notice the available opportunities that can move you closer to your dreams. It’s also easier to know how to create those opportunities yourself. This makes the dream tangible – and as such – increases faith.

And there’s more –

The benefits of creating a vision board are only surpassed by the benefits of using that vision board as a springboard for heart-centered visualizations. This is where the true magic lies!

Visualization is not just about the imagination, you need to engage your emotions as well. Belief lives in the heart. You can’t believe something strongly without feeling strongly about it.

As we visualize we should take on the feelings and emotions of someone who’s already received what they wanted.

This is one big difference between day dreaming and visualization.

This leads to one final point – gratitude. Inherent in gratitude is the assumed win also known as applied faith. Expressing true gratitude while you visualize allows you to feel what it feels like to have what you want to such a degree that it overwhelms you. If you can cultivate the habit of gratitude for the things you desire then you’re well on your way towards happy manifesting!

If you want to dream big dreams and see them manifest, you have to keep them close to your heart and mind. Vision boards help you do this. They remind you to dream, to imagine, to believe. The more you engage your desires in this way the faster you’ll see your life shifting and moving in favorable directions.

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