As we kick-off Women’s History Month 2022 and we look ahead optimistically, more than ever women are thinking about entrepreneurship and making that side hustle into a thriving business.  Pre-pandemic many women dreamed about it and hoped for it.  Some would have gone their entire life without realizing it…  Today, women are seizing the opportunity to make their mark!

According to Fortune, the January jobs report found that 275,000 women left the workforce, leaving the women’s workplace participation rate at 57%—a rate that pre-pandemic had not been seen since 1988. An entire generation of progress has been erased in two years. Instead of reentering the workforce, women turned the pandemic into an opportunity for growth. 

Today women are launching their own businesses at a higher rate than ever before – having the flexibility to set their own hours, the freedom to work from anywhere, and the financial ability of being your own boss.  And we’re just getting started!  If you’re feeling called to do more and be more – you have a dream deep in your heart that involves building something from the ground up, you owe it to yourself to create that impact and serve with purpose!

The decision to break away from secure employment can feel heavy and laden with risk. It’s hard to walk away from a guaranteed paycheck!  Still many may hesitate, procrastinate and delay. They know what they want, but they’re afraid to go for it.  And so the mind vacillates between the loose security of living paycheck to paycheck and the high risk, yet high reward journey of entrepreneurship.

Not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship… Whether you are a newbie or have been nurturing that side hustle for a bit too long, the best way to take inventory of where you’re at, is to understand your strengths and weaknesses.   Below are a few questions to ask yourself to give you clarity on your next steps.   Take the time you need to reflect on these questions and notice how they make you feel.  

Are you an action taker? This is one of the more important skills for an entrepreneur. Procrastination and indecisiveness can kill a dream before it ever gets started. If you find being consistently proactive is difficult for you, then you may not be ready for entrepreneurship – yet. Work on developing this habit. Start small and keep it simple. The ability to take consistent action is paramount to the successful growth of any business.

Are you good at time management? Time management is closely related to being a self-starter. They both deal with your ability to produce successful outcomes, consistently and over time. And they both take a certain level of self-discipline and being able to set boundaries. Good time management is about strategy, organization, and prioritization. Every business requires systems and structures.  If you don’t know how to create an effective process of your own, there are many tools, resources and platforms that can assist you.

Can you handle setbacks and criticism? Setbacks are inevitable, so is criticism. In business you’re the brand, and you have to be comfortable selling – selling yourself your products and your services.  Keeping your spirits high and your motivation strong even in the face of obstacles are qualities that allow your business to stay on course even in hard times. Your ability to overcome objections, expect challenges then execute new and improved methods and strategies over time is exactly the skill needed to succeed in business. It all begins with your ability to maintain a productive and optimistic attitude when things don’t go your way.

If you find that you struggle in any, some or all of these areas, that’s okay, you can always improve.  However, the health of any business you create will be tied to these foundational skills. If you decide to take the road less traveled and join the ranks of the entrepreneur, at times, it will be difficult, stressful, and sometimes scary, but if you stick with it and learn and improve as you go, it will be so worth it!  YOU GOT THIS!!

If you’re looking for ways to either launch, grow and expand your business JOIN US at our next Kickstarter Workshop (held first Wednesday of the month via Zoom), where you’ll have the opportunity to experience this unique MASTERMIND setting.  A mastermind is a  sacred space with a group of individuals who share a common goal, with peer support, skill share, accountability, advice, resources, and collaborative conversations.  A perfect way to jump start your vision and accelerate your passion. 


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Paulina Lopez