Refine As You Grow:  10 Success Habits For Women Entrepreneurs


The Business of WE just just back from our 5th annual WELLNESS RETREAT in the Dominican Republic.  We are still on a high from this unique transformation getaway experience.  The annual retreat was created as a need to support busy entrepreneurs in discovering the hidden struggles that are showing up in their lives and their businesses.  Most times these triggers are traumas from past relationships and past experiences, whether personally or professionally…

A perfect opportunity for a power pause!  Experiences like these are the best way to transform those critical areas by taking the time to step away from it all, allow yourself to reconnect with nature (and yourself), get rooted and grounded, release and HEAL!  It’s the ultimate self-care and work life balance for more consistency, better health and overall wellbeing.

Perhaps you’ve started 2022  implementing some really great habits and perhaps you’ve already ditched some… No judgment!  Personally, beginning of year resolutions are too much pressure! The idea feels punishing, not promising… Instead check in with yourself regularly and see what feels right for you in that MOMENT! 

Below are 10 tried, true and simple success habits for the busy professional women… Implement at least 2 or 3 and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll be able to make positive shifts in your life and business – without effort, strain or struggle. When you’re at this level of clarity; you feel motivated to activate positive changes through consistent habits.  We encourage you to reflect on how you form your decisions and how you take action: 

1. Honor Yourself First:  It all starts with YOU!  We are the center of our Universe, and everything revolves around us… Unselfishly and unapologetically!   Conscious awareness of this, reminds us that we cannot serve and support in life and business if we don’t take care of ourselves first!  Be committed to personal growth on an ongoing basis.  It boosts self-confidence! And will show in your business and your relationships.  

2. Be Open To Support:  Support is a necessity, not a luxury, for conscious feminine leaders. You simply cannot go it alone and expect to succeed!  Coaches, mentors, assistants, web designers, accountants and even your cleaning lady are all critical members of your team and so needed for emotional wellbeing.  Release the need to control everything.

3. Make Time For Self-Care:  Sleep will always be on the tippity top of our self-care list.  Eating healthy and moving your body throughout the day.  We can’t stress the  importance of making time for clarity through, stillness meditation or simply sitting relaxing and just focusing on your breathing for a few minutes. The benefits of health and well-being are what lead to greater creativity, flow and productivity. Know when to slow down, enjoy the small things and set healthy boundaries. 

4. Nurture Your Relationships:  The people we surround ourselves with are far more important than you’ll ever know…  Support everyone, but keep your circle small.   Learn how to understand people, have genuine interest in others and build the right relationships.  We’re not for everyone, but we learn from every interaction.  Nurture those intimate relationships and make it a priority to spend time with your loved ones. 

5. Get Organized:   Focus on the important things first and set a timeline of when things will get done. Ask yourself this question daily: “What can I do today?” and “What can I let go of?” At the end of each day your inbox should be empty. This same applies to your desk, both at home and at the office. Address every to-do item, every time. This allows you to start fresh everyday!

6. Set Intentions:   Everything you want in life starts with a deep desire to achieve them.  Receive all your manifestionas by implementing the creative power of setting intentions… Get clear on what you want,  visualize it, write it down (journal), attach a positive feeling, have faith and trust that it’s already done.  Then let go… Eventually it all manifests into reality!

7. Take Inspired Action:  Keep it simple and always get back to basics… Know where you are and where you’re going. This deceptively simple practice is a very powerful way to stay on track.  If you’re creating short term goals, make sure to celebrate your success and adjust where needed. There are a handful of smaller activities that affect larger results… Remember, every action counts!

8. Get creative:  Your motivation and excitement comes from within, so make a conscious decision to tap into that consistently.  Remember what your passions are, what excites you and what brings you joy.  Keep it fun!  Find groups of like-minded people that share the same interests.  These regular interactions will keep your brain stimulated and great for increasing your creativity. 

9. Invest in YouThe single most important investment you can make is in yourself. When you invest time, energy, attention and money in your own personal and professional growth, you are essentially paying yourself.  Powerful changes will come… And the results can never be taken away.  You’ll learn to choose the right thoughts, find where your inspiration comes from and cultivate gratitude. This is where it all happens and everything comes together.

10. Practice Gratitude:  Gratitude is a direct manifestation of your abundance.  If you haven’t been giving thanks DAILY for all the things you DO have, now is the perfect time to start.  Set aside time each day to mentally list everything you have to be grateful for.  Embrace all your successes, your loving relationships, and memorable experiences. You’ll be amazed on how much you have going for you and how far you’ve come.  It’s a motivating force towards success. Choose today to make the intention which drives the action; which creates the powerful experiences! Good Luck!!   Remember… Repetition is Key!
To Your Continued Success In 2022 AND BEYOND!




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