Spring Into Inspired Action!


Time has sprung forward, and spring is almost here! This means we’re moving forward, getting ahead, embracing change, and finally getting warmed up!  Let’s shake off the quarantine winter blues and welcome a fresh new start.  

As we approach the second quarter of 2021, the main goal for busy business owners and entrepreneurs is to stay motivated, productive and consistent for the rest of the year!  

Try these top ten tips and techniques in order to spring forward with inspired action:


  • Start Where You’re At:

Each day is an opportunity for a fresh new start. Don’t worry about what you didn’t get done or intended to accomplish… Focus on the here and now.  It’s time to act, so be honest with yourself, and identify where you may be feeling stuck.  Procrastination is a mindset thing. Get out of your head and into implementation.  Mark Twain once said, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” Now plan the work, work the plan and get inspired. 

  • Don’t Overthink It:

Your thoughts are powerful, so focus on the things you do want!  Throughout the day we are filled with excessive thinking, and negative self-talk and self-doubt will show up.  Use trigger phrases like “STOP”, “CANCEL” or “DELETE” to stop them in their tracks, and replace them with a positive thought  Then attach a positive feeling to it, because feeling good is a choice!  The real work is the inner work you do for yourself on a daily basis.  

  • Set Boundaries: 

Get clear. Get focused. Stop complaining, stop comparing, and stop considering what others think. Be true to yourself, and be ok with saying “No” to forced responsibilities and what doesn’t feel right.  Have faith and confidence in yourself and your abilities. It determines who you are BEING, and how you are showing up for yourself and for others, in that moment.  Everyday do the best that you can. You got this!

  • Simplify Goals:

It’s important to create a goal setting approach that works best for you.  When we try to do too much, we experience overwhelm, confusion and possible burnout.  List 5-10 items that must get done that day and prioritize the top 3.  Keep them simple and attainable so you can build healthy momemtum.  After each step, celebrate and reward yourself for a job well done.  You’ll look forward to staying on task everyday because your rewards come often 😉 

  • Get Organized: 

Don’t confuse being busy with being productive.  You may realize throughout your day, that you’re doing a lot of nothing.  Yes, do less, but do it better.  Focus your energy on one thing at a time, where it matters, instead of spreading yourself too thin.  Eliminate the chaos and the clutter.  Organize your workspace.  Time block accordingly, for things like social media time, reading, responding and deleting emails, following-up etc. 

  • Daily Practices: 

As we continue to #hustle from home, with kids homeschooling and household distractions, keeping a solid schedule is critical.  A good daily routine is one where you have a clear picture of what the day ahead looks like, and can make the most of your time, productively.  Keep all activities in one calendar, preferably on your smartphone, where you can access easily.  Create a schedule that incorporates a healthy lifestyle with your well-being in mind. 

  • Make Time For You: 

To run a sustainable business requires you to consistently focus on your health and wellness.  In your daily schedule, carve out time for breaks, nutritious meals, afternoon walks, meditation and self-care – away from phones and computers. Everyday make sure to step away and take a break!  Incorporate mid-day activities that motivate and energize you. Putting yourself first is about self-worth, self-respect and self-love.

  • Ask For Support: 

Don’t be afraid to seek the support you need. Whether it’s outsourcing or delegating the little things, (especially around the house), your time is very valuable and you don’t have to do it all!   It helps to have an encouraging accountability partner, whether it’s your spouse or bff.   There’s only so much you can accomplish in one day all by yourself.  Leverage your time, energy and efforts to the things that will allow you to maximize your day. 

  • Connect with Community:

It’s important to surround yourself with positive and supportive people, while removing negative toxic people from your life.  When you’re working on your growth, your circle may get smaller, because it’s about like-minded quality connections.  It’s helpful to be in a supportive space with people who continue to strengthen and stretch your goals, and where engaging and interactive conversations catalyst everyone to new heights of achievement.

  • Take Inspired Action: 

Clarity with intentionality, moves you in the direction of your desires. And when you’re in a receptive mode, opening your mind up to new possibilities, you’ll experience all the manifestations you’ve been attracting.  Your actions will come from a place of flow and ease, with authenticity.  It will stop feeling like work.  You’ll do things everyday in an inspiring way that feels true to you with an attitude of gratitude for lifelong success. 



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