By Business of WE CEO & Founder, Paulina Lopez

It’s that time of year again — HOLIDAY SHOPPING! YAY!! 

As we approach the end of year hustle and bustle of the holiday season, being grounded and present is more important than ever!  As women, we get it… shopping is everything! The joyful exuberance from deals, discounts, and savings, uhh!  But if you think about it for a moment and look back on all of the money you’ve spent in past years, you’ll realize you invested in things that didn’t really add any meaning and value to your life.  Items you probably no longer possess or even use.

Now, we’re just talking everyday items and material possessions here (don’t get us going on the importance of financial planning, wealth management, investment portfolios etc).   Especially when online sales for Black Friday alone have reached over 7 billion globally! And Cyber Monday is expected to be over a billion. That’s nearly 10 billion in three days. Yikes!  Oh, if only we can put all that monetary energy into better use (don’t get us started on that either, lol).

It’s easy to get distracted with all the latest gadgets and the massive discounts. And it’s easy to lose yourself while trying to find the perfect gift for others.  The question is… is having all that shiny, new stuff really going to change your life and the lives of others for the better?  If you truly desire to invest in something that WILL change the quality of your life, then it’s time to make the greatest investment you can make and the absolute BEST gift you can give yourself and others – A better, healthier, happier, inspired and authentic YOU!  

Once you commit to changing your life for the better; looking ahead with clarity, confidence and conviction will make the future so much brighter.  It’s the ultimate holiday gift and the most rewarding way to end the year – the return on investment is exponential!  Now, how do we determine what areas require up-leveling and how to make these changes for the better?  It starts by STEPPING UP and SHOWING UP with inspired action! Stretching your boundaries and EXPERIENCING the growth, while embracing who you become in the process. It’s truly POWERFUL!

The best way to maximize your efforts and ensure positive results is by choosing the right environment.  Having the right support system is crucial – community is everything! Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who totally get you, is critical during this process.  All while accessing the information, resources, and tools you need to effectively transform your life and business for the better. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about being part of a tribe, gaining a sisterhood and having a home, where you can learn from others’ success while experiencing your own breakthroughs and transformation… Be inspired with action to make 2020 an impactful year for You and for those You Love!   


We all want to create a greater impact and everyone wants to change the world.  We want to be known for what we do best (and yes, get paid for it!) What does it take to stand out and really be seen?  It takes confidence, mindset, and visibility! And It’s not about painting pretty pictures in your head of what you may one day want to accomplish… It’s about claiming it and OWNING IT!  With strong determination and consistency.

The world needs you to share your gifts and talents; we need your strength and leadership through your expertise.  Not just as a business owner or career professional… but as a mother, a wife and a powerful woman of your community! There is no greater time for women to step up and make a positive difference!  We have been changing the game by creating wealth, running corporations and starting businesses at a higher rate than ever… WE NEED MORE OF IT!

Whether you realize it or not, by embodying your most powerful self, not only do you change your life but you change the lives of ALL those around you.  Because as women, we are natural nurturers and leaders.  We invite you today to be part of this evolutionary change and ever-growing community of game-changers.  Join this high-vibe, thriving environment that is THE BUSINESS OF WE!  Empowering and elevating others to rise as leaders and make a difference in their lives, their businesses and in their communities. True leaders don’t create more followers; they create more leaders. Today I challenge you to be the change you want to see in the world.  

Find out HERE how you can make a greater INVESTMENT this holiday season for life-long success.  OR forward this to your Secret Santa to let them know exactly what’s at the top of your wish list.   Make 2020 an Impactful Year!  Invest in YOU – Accelerate and Transform Your Life!

Whether you’re gifting yourself, friends, family and loved ones, OR rather use this time of the year to give back to your favorite charity (#GivingTuesday is December 3rd), we invite you to check out our community in 2020 and EXPERIENCE the Mastermind setting at one of our monthly events in New York City or Rockland/ Bergen County.  WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU THERE!

Cheers!  To Your Success!! 

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Paulina Lopez