Written By Paulina Lopez, CEO & Founder of The Business of WE (Women Entrepreneurs)

One of the most effective, inspiring, and truly transformational ways to boost results in your business, is by taking the time to step away from the hustle and attend a business event… But not just any event, the right event.  The Business of WE 2020 Summit is going VIRTUAL this year!  We’re creating a short, yet powerful 2-hour structure (because we understand most of us are Zoomed out by now), and bringing together our top speakers from previous years’ Summits and Masterclasses.

Our featured speakers will provide you rapid-fire, actionable steps, and implementation growth strategies to support you in navigating your business during this global disruptionThings are getting better, let’s create an action plan to shift and pivot your business forward and implement NOW!  As entrepreneurs and leaders, this is NOT the time to be in our safety comfort zones.   We need to STEP UP, pivot and connect collectively with other business owners and entrepreneurs.  It’s a perfect opportunity to understand what the current challenges and needs are, and a way to remove pressures of your everyday life to shift our businesses forward!

Invest in yourself, first and foremost… Your ability to increase your income and to effectively serve your clients and customers on a higher level is what business growth is about.  Which is why it’s so important to continue developing yourself…  The people who show up at these events are rewarded with invaluable tips, insights, and opportunities that would not have otherwise been available. This is why we’re committed to hosting the Business of WE Summit every year in the fall. It’s our time to come together. It’s your time to take a quantum leap in your business to end the year strong!

Mindset is everything… You immediately experience a shift when you give yourself permission to go for more and say “Yes” to investing in yourself.  The breakthroughs start happening and you get a sense of excitement and expectancy of what’s to come… it’s called FAITH!  Having the confidence to show up, you are rewarded with several layers of benefits that you could have never been privy to you otherwise.  It starts by removing your money and visibility blocks so you can expand your business, increase your income, and create a greater impact. 

At the annual Business of WE Summit, our mission is to ensure that our attendees are provided with business tools, relevant information, invaluable resources, and collaborative connections that will serve as catalysts for making them more effective as entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders.

Be inspired to take fast action. The right information coupled with the inspiration to implement generates amazing results – and fast!  The Summit provides an opportunity for you to act on what you’ve learned and to see results instantly!   It’s amazing to receive testimonials from attendees having learned a new technique, implemented immediately, and has generated new revenue quickly!  What better way to know that you’re getting information that you can use than by testing it out immediately? When you join us, you’ll experience that for yourself!

Business conferences create clarity.  At the summit conference, you’ll have the opportunity to “Mastermind” with fellow attendees, be heard, and get supported in your business building efforts.  As a BONUS, you’ll also receive, a post-event workbook with the actionable steps you heard during the speaker sessions.  It’s our way of expressing how much we value and honor your determination to succeed.  Whenever I attended events I gained so much clarity on my ideas and how to implement them, I would study the provided materials long after the event ended.

A supportive space to elevate your vibe. You will be empowered to go bigger than you’ve ever thought possible.  The summit expands your thinking and opens you up to several new opportunities that otherwise may not be available to you. Your life and business can be completely enhanced through divine connections.  Just being able to hear from other entrepreneurs, like yourself, will inspire you to succeed.  One conversation with the right connection could change your destiny.

You owe it to yourself and those you serve. As a business owner and entrepreneur myself, I discovered that my greatest strength is connecting with others… more importantly, connecting with like-minded people!  Those that have a mindset for success, and willing to support others along the way.  Attending the right business events allowed me to attract and connect with incredible people, specifically, coaches and consultants that I personally invested in for my own personal and business growth… What I know for sure, is that you can’t do it alone…

We hope you’ll join us on the evening of WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28th for the 2020 Business of WE Virtual Summit.  A 2-Hour Actionable, Engaging and Immersive Virtual Experience! Registration is now open at https://bizofwe.eventbrite.com  We look forward to connecting with you there!

At The Business of WE community, we host events on a weekly basis, EVERY WEDNESDAY at 7:00pm (est), via Zoom to connect our sisterhood of supportive women.  What we have noticed is that the ones who “Show Up”, are the ones that are actually experiencing results in their business. Consequently, they are also a group of women whom we engage with the most.  To learn more about how you can be a part of this unique group of phenomenal women, check out an upcoming event HERE!


Much Love & Success~


We look forward to connecting with you at an upcoming virtual event and to seeing you at a live event soon.  If have any questions and to learn more about being part of the sisterhood, head on over to the Business of WE community page.  Check out the 2020 Summit details below…


The 2020 Business of WE Virtual Summit

A 2-Hour Actionable, Engaging and Immersive Virtual Experience!



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Paulina Lopez